Tuesday, August 10, 2004


hihi... quickies.

Lots' of stuff from the Komikero Comics Journal for the past few days...

- Really exciting stuff: Gerry has been writing about his work on a superhero comic book for Mango Comics with Arnold Arre doing the art! He also has a comic strip in Mango Comics' bi-monthly humor mag MWAHAHA! if im not mistaken, MWAHAHA! is already available in Filbar's (saw one in mrt-quezon ave but don't have moolah. tsk.)

- aside from that, Gerry also posted a preview of his "San Pablo, 1978" for Siglo:Passion! and he colored it himself! way cool.

- this has been days ago but remember that BluPrint Mag article i've been telling you? well, Gerry has uploaded his interview so hurry over for a peek.

-and lastly, for those interested in Kenkoy Memorabilia, there would be a Kenkoy Exhibit at the Rizal Library of the Ateneo de Manila University from August 9 to 20. don't forget to drop by everyone! check Gerry's site for the full details.

ok. man, that was a lot of stuff... pero meron pa!

- Marco Dimaano has a preview of his new title Kunoichi Boy ready to be unleashed in the pages of the next Questor Extreme Mangamania! I can't wait!

yun na lang muna... spread the love people!

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