Tuesday, August 31, 2004

CAST Issue One Release

got this straight from Elbert at the Nautilus Yahoogroup.

Hello everyone!

It's taken longer than expected, but the first issue of Nautilus Comics' monthly series CAST is finally coming out! To those who've waited and asked for it, we're sorry it took this long; we actually had the full issue out for a while now, but the reason why it's not coming out until now is because we were trying to fix some logistical and pricing concerns...

Which brings me to the good news: the first issue is finally coming out mid-week, first at comics stores including Comic Quest and Central Comic Headquarters, then much later at various magazine shops. It's 48 full-colored pages at 70 pesos, much thicker and more affordable than our special prequel issue. So if you've yet to jump onboard, now would be the best time to do it!

Written by Jamie Bautista and illustrated by Ronin Core Art Group, Cast is the ensemble teen series about a group of high schoolers trying to put together a school play. Along the way, they encounter life's ups and downs, and it will everything they've got to keep the play together, or risk letting their personal problems tear everything they've worked for down.Thanks for all the support, and hope you check Cast out this week!

Elbert Or
Nautilus Comics

there ya go. not much links today since i am quite busy BUT i have posted Ariel Atienza's deviantArt account, Dexter Lira's (ex-CCCom colorist) 3 (count em!) blogs, and also emerging indie comic group Anonymous? Artists? over at the Sites section.


btw, sorry for the late update guys... i'll try to make it up to yah. and also, i was hoping somebody can help me with my writing... just click here and gimme some comments if you have time.

see yah guys!


Sunday, August 22, 2004

more updates

hey all!

you can find the DA's of each Culture Crash Comics Staffer under the DA's section. (duh!). Also available for your viewing pleasure are the galleries of Joanah Tinio, Cresci Prophecies Comic Creator, and of course, Johnny Balbona's adoptive father, Gerry Alanguilan... hehe. biro lang po. :D

for other DA's, click on Artist's Den and check out the ones i haven't added yet.

oh and i forgot, i added Mars Ravelo's Darna official website over to your left so be sure to check it out!

see ya...



tagal na ah?

over to your left, I added Lagsh, Sedricke and Xeean's webcomics collaboration Titig sa Kawalan and also the webpage of Lionel Yumul of Abono Independent Comics.

over to your right, there's an all new deviantART section. those are only some of the links i have here and be sure to check in the next few days for the rest. ok?

Filipino Comics - Love Natin 'Toh!


Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Our BIG Congratulations to Mango Comics, Nautilus Comics, Kestrel IMC, Quest Ventures and all the creatives behind the stunning rebirth of Mars Ravelo's Darna and the phenomenal grafiction Siglo: Freedom for winning the 2004 National Book Award for Best Graphic Novel!

Filipino Comics, Mahal Natin 'To!


Tuesday, August 10, 2004


hihi... quickies.

Lots' of stuff from the Komikero Comics Journal for the past few days...

- Really exciting stuff: Gerry has been writing about his work on a superhero comic book for Mango Comics with Arnold Arre doing the art! He also has a comic strip in Mango Comics' bi-monthly humor mag MWAHAHA! if im not mistaken, MWAHAHA! is already available in Filbar's (saw one in mrt-quezon ave but don't have moolah. tsk.)

- aside from that, Gerry also posted a preview of his "San Pablo, 1978" for Siglo:Passion! and he colored it himself! way cool.

- this has been days ago but remember that BluPrint Mag article i've been telling you? well, Gerry has uploaded his interview so hurry over for a peek.

-and lastly, for those interested in Kenkoy Memorabilia, there would be a Kenkoy Exhibit at the Rizal Library of the Ateneo de Manila University from August 9 to 20. don't forget to drop by everyone! check Gerry's site for the full details.

ok. man, that was a lot of stuff... pero meron pa!

- Marco Dimaano has a preview of his new title Kunoichi Boy ready to be unleashed in the pages of the next Questor Extreme Mangamania! I can't wait!

yun na lang muna... spread the love people!

Filipino Comics - Love Natin 'Toh!


Saturday, August 07, 2004

news news news


actually, i've written something a good 45 minutes ago and i forgot to back-up it before posting... then Blogger failed on me. *sigh* the pains of blogging on a dial-up...

anyway, there seems to be much going on in the local comic book scene...

- my current favorite writer, Kestrel head honcho Dean Alfar, has struck gold once more as he bagged 2 Don Palanca Awards very recently. and according to his lovely and equally talented wife, Nikki, this year's double-win jacks up the number of Palanca awards Sir Dean won so far to seven... wow. Congratulations Sir Dean!

- Angel Ace master Marco Dimaano has put up a preview straight from the pages of his next major project, K.I.A, to be hopefully released in this year's C3Con. the whole glorious page was drawn by CCCom's Pasig comic-creator extraordinare Taga-Ilog, and as you might have guessed it, K.I.A. will be a comic anthology of sorts featuring stories and artworks from some of the local industry's best known writers and illustrators. stop by the Stark Raving Mad-house to take a peek.

- over at the newly added Origami Dreams, Camille Francisco has put up a pin-up which will eventually be seen at the pages of the next issue of Nautilus Comics'upcoming monthly comics, CAST. make haste if you wanna see! CAST's first issue, CAST: Pre-Production was first sold in the recently concluded Toycon and is now available in Comic Quest and other stores. the second issue of CAST is expected to be in stores this month.

- for those eager to get their hands on the latest issue of Culture Crash Comics, i just got news from Kat that the newest issue of Bluprint has a preview of the cover to CCCom # 15. I don't have a copy yet but according to Sir Dean, Bluprint has a feature on the Phillipine Comic Book Industry specifically on Carlo Vergara, Arnold Arre, Culture Crash Comics, and many more! Grab your copy now!

- Jonas Diego and Jac Lim's cartoon collaboration, Hot Copy, is currently being serialized in Seeker, the Philippine Collectible Hobbies and Hobby Gaming Magazine. to know what's hot about Hot Copy, take a peek here!

- for those still not in the know, Independent Comic Creators Point Zero, Myths and Legends and others are selling their titles at Sarabia Optical in UP Diliman Shopping Center, as well as in major stores like Comic Central Headquarters and Comic Quest. give the local indie scene the recognition and support that they deserve so check out their titles now!

and so that's it, hot news served fresh out of the box. be sure to watch this space for future comic related bloggables but until then, spread the love people!

Filipino Comics, Love Natin 'Toh!


Friday, August 06, 2004

huge updates

grraaaahhh!!!! update. :D

- Site addition: do you want to say "hi" but too lazy to send me an e-mail? want to get your comics site linked or a broken link to your site fixed? what about press releases and comic book news and events? then chatter away at the newly installed chatterbox from flooble below the "Blogs" section at the right hand side of this blog... why chatterbox and not tag-board? coz i find it more visually appealing. hehe.

- link organization: i designated a sub-section for the newly-updated webcomics links and also a separate section for the comic book stores. i am also contemplating on adding links to local mags catering to comics and hobbies like Seeker and Siklab but lemme put some thought into that first. small steps...

- thinking out loud: i have noticed that there are a lot of indie comic creators out there that instead of blogs, they have a deviantart accounts. which is pretty neat since most of them like the CCCom staff and Atomic Monkey use their DA's to post previews and pin-ups of their comics... so i'm thinking of putting DA accounts right there at the blogs section (since IMHO, a DA is a blog on steroids). but not yet though, gimme a week for research and expect it next sunday ok?

anyway, here are the newly added links:


- added the link to Wilson Tortosa's The Grey Book.


- woohoo! tons of pinoy webcomics links for ya... but then again, the two sets of links right there at the left hand of this blog were the works of Tobie Abad (Diliman, Nearly Forgotten...) and Jac Ting Lim (Jac Strips For You!!!, Drifter... ). i still have other webcomics to check out but until then, head over to Tobie's and Jac's blogs to access their handydandy links to other online webcomics.


- added link to Jonas Diego upon his request (hehe, i apologize for not adding it sooner) and also to Camille Francisco.

people, i would have to slow down the link updates for a while since i should be busy reviewing for the ChE board exams instead of doing this but i promise an update next Sunday (since i still have lots of links to post). don't fret though, i will still be posting comics-related bloggables whenever i chance upon them (coz this is a blog after all) so keep sending your requests, feedbacks and spread the love!

Filipino Comics, Love Natin 'Toh!


Wednesday, August 04, 2004

new grafiction, Siglo:Passion goodies, Hey Comics!

Hey Pinoy Comic Reader!

i have lotsa news for today...

  • head over to Jonas Diego's homepage for a pin-up from his soon to be released grafiction*, The Book of John.
  • over at Tobie Abad's blog, be sure to check out some panels from the highly anticipated Siglo:Passion!
  • The Philippine Daily Inquirer has an article on the recently concluded seminar "MediaMorphosis 2: Diversified Media in Synergy." playwright Dean Alfar was there to talk about the Comics Industry. be warned though, the article miscredited Dean for Zsa-Zsa Zaturnahh and Darna; Zsa-Zsa Zaturnahh is the brainchild of Carlo Vergara while The Yonzon's, Zach and Bobby of Mango Comics are responsible for Darna.
  • Quark Henarez has posted his 3-page contribution to Hey Comics! anthology over at his blog. make haste if you wanna see!

that's it for now. see ya!

*grafiction - according to Dean Alfar, it was a term used by comic creator Elbert Or for Graphic Fiction/Novel. Cool no?


  • added link to Jomike Tejido's Mikrokosmos!
  • added link to comic creator Jonas Diego (Siglo: Passion, The Book of John)!
  • added link to Pol Medina Jr's Pugad Baboy! (how the hell did i forget bout this? thanks syeri for pointing it out.)


  • added links to the Siglo:Passion people: cartoonist Ariel Atienza, filmmaker Quark Henarez, and Diliman webcomics creator Tobie Abad
  • added links to Tala Studios' Cynthia Bauzon-Arre and writer Ramon De Veyra (Hey Comics!)

Monday, August 02, 2004


the blog is getting lotsa hits so just spread the word everyone!
thanks to everyone who linked to this!
anyway, if ever anyone out there involved with the industry has any press release or news whatsoever, just feel free to mail me and i'll post right away...
...i'm also planning to add a tag-board and comments feature here for your feedbacks but gimme some time k?
bye for now!


  • added links to illustrators Gilbert Monsanto (Hellcop) and Jos Fouts (Archon)!
  • added link to writer Ed Lim!
  • added links to Andrew Drilon's (SIGLO: Freedom) blogs

Sunday, August 01, 2004


Myths and Legends', creators of the 12-issue indie mecha story Armor Troopers, has announced that IBANGIS issue no. 5 is now out in stores!
for more information, visit their website.

lotsa links!

  • added links to Jon Zamar's Minsan Ako'y Nanaginip and to Syeri Baet's Carpool
  • added links to indie studios Myths and Legends Creative Studios and Subterrainian Comics!
  • added link to CapzuleZone - Comics and Illustrations by Reno Maniquis!
  • added link to Reno Maniquis