Tuesday, August 31, 2004

CAST Issue One Release

got this straight from Elbert at the Nautilus Yahoogroup.

Hello everyone!

It's taken longer than expected, but the first issue of Nautilus Comics' monthly series CAST is finally coming out! To those who've waited and asked for it, we're sorry it took this long; we actually had the full issue out for a while now, but the reason why it's not coming out until now is because we were trying to fix some logistical and pricing concerns...

Which brings me to the good news: the first issue is finally coming out mid-week, first at comics stores including Comic Quest and Central Comic Headquarters, then much later at various magazine shops. It's 48 full-colored pages at 70 pesos, much thicker and more affordable than our special prequel issue. So if you've yet to jump onboard, now would be the best time to do it!

Written by Jamie Bautista and illustrated by Ronin Core Art Group, Cast is the ensemble teen series about a group of high schoolers trying to put together a school play. Along the way, they encounter life's ups and downs, and it will everything they've got to keep the play together, or risk letting their personal problems tear everything they've worked for down.Thanks for all the support, and hope you check Cast out this week!

Elbert Or
Nautilus Comics

there ya go. not much links today since i am quite busy BUT i have posted Ariel Atienza's deviantArt account, Dexter Lira's (ex-CCCom colorist) 3 (count em!) blogs, and also emerging indie comic group Anonymous? Artists? over at the Sites section.


btw, sorry for the late update guys... i'll try to make it up to yah. and also, i was hoping somebody can help me with my writing... just click here and gimme some comments if you have time.

see yah guys!


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