Saturday, August 07, 2004

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actually, i've written something a good 45 minutes ago and i forgot to back-up it before posting... then Blogger failed on me. *sigh* the pains of blogging on a dial-up...

anyway, there seems to be much going on in the local comic book scene...

- my current favorite writer, Kestrel head honcho Dean Alfar, has struck gold once more as he bagged 2 Don Palanca Awards very recently. and according to his lovely and equally talented wife, Nikki, this year's double-win jacks up the number of Palanca awards Sir Dean won so far to seven... wow. Congratulations Sir Dean!

- Angel Ace master Marco Dimaano has put up a preview straight from the pages of his next major project, K.I.A, to be hopefully released in this year's C3Con. the whole glorious page was drawn by CCCom's Pasig comic-creator extraordinare Taga-Ilog, and as you might have guessed it, K.I.A. will be a comic anthology of sorts featuring stories and artworks from some of the local industry's best known writers and illustrators. stop by the Stark Raving Mad-house to take a peek.

- over at the newly added Origami Dreams, Camille Francisco has put up a pin-up which will eventually be seen at the pages of the next issue of Nautilus Comics'upcoming monthly comics, CAST. make haste if you wanna see! CAST's first issue, CAST: Pre-Production was first sold in the recently concluded Toycon and is now available in Comic Quest and other stores. the second issue of CAST is expected to be in stores this month.

- for those eager to get their hands on the latest issue of Culture Crash Comics, i just got news from Kat that the newest issue of Bluprint has a preview of the cover to CCCom # 15. I don't have a copy yet but according to Sir Dean, Bluprint has a feature on the Phillipine Comic Book Industry specifically on Carlo Vergara, Arnold Arre, Culture Crash Comics, and many more! Grab your copy now!

- Jonas Diego and Jac Lim's cartoon collaboration, Hot Copy, is currently being serialized in Seeker, the Philippine Collectible Hobbies and Hobby Gaming Magazine. to know what's hot about Hot Copy, take a peek here!

- for those still not in the know, Independent Comic Creators Point Zero, Myths and Legends and others are selling their titles at Sarabia Optical in UP Diliman Shopping Center, as well as in major stores like Comic Central Headquarters and Comic Quest. give the local indie scene the recognition and support that they deserve so check out their titles now!

and so that's it, hot news served fresh out of the box. be sure to watch this space for future comic related bloggables but until then, spread the love people!

Filipino Comics, Love Natin 'Toh!


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