Friday, August 06, 2004

huge updates

grraaaahhh!!!! update. :D

- Site addition: do you want to say "hi" but too lazy to send me an e-mail? want to get your comics site linked or a broken link to your site fixed? what about press releases and comic book news and events? then chatter away at the newly installed chatterbox from flooble below the "Blogs" section at the right hand side of this blog... why chatterbox and not tag-board? coz i find it more visually appealing. hehe.

- link organization: i designated a sub-section for the newly-updated webcomics links and also a separate section for the comic book stores. i am also contemplating on adding links to local mags catering to comics and hobbies like Seeker and Siklab but lemme put some thought into that first. small steps...

- thinking out loud: i have noticed that there are a lot of indie comic creators out there that instead of blogs, they have a deviantart accounts. which is pretty neat since most of them like the CCCom staff and Atomic Monkey use their DA's to post previews and pin-ups of their comics... so i'm thinking of putting DA accounts right there at the blogs section (since IMHO, a DA is a blog on steroids). but not yet though, gimme a week for research and expect it next sunday ok?

anyway, here are the newly added links:


- added the link to Wilson Tortosa's The Grey Book.


- woohoo! tons of pinoy webcomics links for ya... but then again, the two sets of links right there at the left hand of this blog were the works of Tobie Abad (Diliman, Nearly Forgotten...) and Jac Ting Lim (Jac Strips For You!!!, Drifter... ). i still have other webcomics to check out but until then, head over to Tobie's and Jac's blogs to access their handydandy links to other online webcomics.


- added link to Jonas Diego upon his request (hehe, i apologize for not adding it sooner) and also to Camille Francisco.

people, i would have to slow down the link updates for a while since i should be busy reviewing for the ChE board exams instead of doing this but i promise an update next Sunday (since i still have lots of links to post). don't fret though, i will still be posting comics-related bloggables whenever i chance upon them (coz this is a blog after all) so keep sending your requests, feedbacks and spread the love!

Filipino Comics, Love Natin 'Toh!


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