Thursday, September 30, 2004


lemme just give you a rundown of the newly added links:

3 Comic Groups: Atomic Monkey / M3 Studios, creatives behind the bi-monthly anthology Ignition Comix published by Inquirer Publications Inc.; Indie creatives Istrong Repablik featuring non-manga style artwork and story telling; and Iloilo based Indie group Raccon Box Comics.

Comic Org: Comic Collective - a student organization based in Ateneo De Manila University dedicated to the uplifting of the status of comics, sequential art and graphic novels within the academic community. A place for artists, writers and comic enthusiasts to mingle and share ideas about everything in the world of comics. Publishes Grafic, a comic magazine for people who don't read comics.

Behind the Faculty Doors: Yoda Comics - brain-child of Adelino Ramos, member of the Bulacan State University, College of Art and Sciences, Social Sciences Faculty. Home to whimsical and witty comic strips about the happenings behind the Social Sciences Faculty room doors... the teachers' lounge area.

Spankin' New Blogs: Abono's journal about anything and everything that tickles their fancy and Jerald Dorado's backward thinking blog. Jerald Dorado is the creative behind Pinoy Passenger, a cartoon serial set to be published within the pages of Manila Bulletin. He was also one of the artists within Pol Medina's Polgas 1&2.

Spankin' New DAs: Graphic Designer Lionel Yumul of Abono; Kieren, one of Leaf Indie's artists, and lastly, Carpool creative and Myths and Legends' Syeri.

on a personal note:

this'll be the second to the last update before Filipino Comics goes into a month long hiatus...
I will be devoting my spare time to studying for the Chemical Engineering Licensure Examinations so I'll say goodbye to this blog for a while.
But rest assured, I will be back.
Really exciting things are cooking up before the year's end: Lastikman, Siglo: Passion, The 3rd C3Con.... and I'll be damned if I don't get to be the bearear of news and updates.
So for now, wish me luck as I wish you all the luck in your endeavors...
and keep supporting the Philippine Comics Industry!

Filipino Comics! Mahal Natin 'To!

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