Sunday, July 25, 2004


Welcome to the Pinoy Comic Book Portal!
I'm woofy, a pinoy comicbook enthusiast,  and i created this little nook on the web to make it easy for me to keep track of the various websites relating to the Local Philippine Comic Book Industry.

I found out that if you Googled "pinoy comics" or some other keyword that has the same effect, you won't get spectacular results so hopefully with this little blog here, I hope I can contribute to the exposure of Local Pinoy Comics and at the same time, provide easy access for the new generation of Filipino comicbook readers who wants to get updated with all the news in the local industry.

If you're wondering why i used a blog rather than a proper website for the portal, it is because  i am not a programmer and i'm an idiot in HTML. at least with Blogger, it would be a breeze to post updates, links and all that and the interface is idiot-friendly.

anyway, i hope you enjoy browsing through the portal. I would be posting up links to the websites that i religiously visit as well as the links to the blogs of Filipino comic creators known both locally and internationally. i would not be posting links to fan sites though, unless it's an uber-cool fansite. :D 

'till the next update!


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